Help to pay off payday loans -Consider our payday loan consolidation program

25 Jun

Debt consolidation allows you to pay only one financial liability instead of a number of those already held. As a result, borrowers are obliged to return one installment per month. Of course, this is the main advantage of this solution, although it should be remembered that the extended loan period, in this case, means that we will only increase our interest and pay more. However, sometimes for many people who are struggling with many debts, it is good to support that in some way relieves their home budget. A consolidation loan that offers banking institutions can be used to combine consumer, cash, installment loans, car loans or debits on an account, ROR or credit card. What’s more, the banks also offer additional cash that customers can get by signing a loan agreement. Remember, however, that this is a serious decision and requires proper analysis. We should know what are the costs of consolidation loan and the loan terms themselves. A sensible approach to this matter will ensure that we will avoid troublesome financial situations in the future. To help you choose a consolidation loan, we have prepared a ranking of such loans with an additional cash offer.

You might consider our payday loan consolidation program

We are a payday loan consolidation company and we provide the cheapest payday loan consolidation. We offer a maximum of PLN 200,000 to cover consolidated debts and additional cash that can be used for any purpose. The loan period is longer than in other banks and reaches up to 12 years. In addition, for those who have an account with this financial institution, it is possible to withdraw funds even in one day. 

We will pay slightly more in the case of a consolidation loan from Ander. APY for the representative example will be 9.70%. And thanks to this favorable interest rate the installment will be low. The minimum loan amount is PLN 30,000 and the liability can be settled for a maximum of 10 years. The bank accepts various sources of income.

Credit Harii also has the right to offer debt consolidation up to PLN 200,000. Although the RRSO ratio is higher than 10%, it is still below the average. Thanks to the use of additional products, the customer has the chance to get an offer with a commission of 0 PLN.