Debt consolidation – is it possible?

4 Mar


If you want to repost loans, we will make you an individual offer. The consolidation of loans is possible for each borrower who has a regular income, is at least 18 years and not more than 80 years old and can demonstrate a permanent residence in Germany. To pay out the loan amount, a checking account must exist with a bank or savings bank in Germany.
Debt consolidation offers the possibility to replace existing loans with high interest rates or to combine several loans. As a result, the borrower receives noticeable financial relief, which is characterized by lower loan installments or shorter maturities.

Expiry of loan debt

In order to process the loan application for a loan reminder, we need various documents such as a copy of the ID card, current bank statements and evidence of regular income. These include salary statements, pensions or evidence of rental and lease income. A positive Schufa information is a prerequisite for the repayment of loans.
Please use our well-known form for a loan application for your inquiry.

In addition to the required loan amount and the desired monthly installment, please indicate in the application form the purpose “debt consolidation”.

As the loan application progresses, you also have the opportunity to inform us about existing loans from other lenders. To do this, enter the name of the bank that issued the loan, the amount of the loan amount in euros, the monthly installment in euros and the term of the loan in months. By specifying the existing loans, you give us a comparative statement, on the basis of which we can make you a cheaper offer. In many cases, we can create a loan offer that can save you a lot of money by reposting loans. Benefit from a lower loan or shorter term for your loan. You decide yourself if you want to accept our offer.

Reposting and replacing loans

Once a cheaper offer is made, the borrower needs to know the terms and conditions for early redemption of their previous loan. These are often found in the contracts of the respective loan. Some banks charge a fee for early loan repayment because they miss interest that they have already recognized as revenue. The exact date of the transfer should be asked, as the lending rates are settled on a daily basis. It is important to transfer the transfer fee on time in order to avoid further interest charges. By transferring the remaining amount, the previous loan is completed and the borrower no longer has to make any further payments for the detached loan.

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